Beat the Heat, Eat and Drink - The Top Six Water-Rich Foods

Six of Nature's Highest-Hydration Foods

It is well-known that our bodies can get by without food for extended periods, but without water, we can face the most drastic of consequences within a few days. Our bodies are made up of 65-70 percent water and continuing to hydrate can be challenging for many people.

Using nature's fruits to flavor water is one great way to make drinking water more appealing, as well as thirst quenching. All of those wonderful electrolytes that are touted in sugary, artificial "sports drinks" can be obtained through lemons, limes, and oranges! Imagine that!! So start slicing those beautiful citrus jewels - they are also full of vitamin C and aid in digestion - great side benefits we could all use! The body's need for water is often taken for granted. If you wait until you feel thirsty, you are already in a state of dehydration. This means we have to replenish our bodily water constantly - so keep that pitcher in the fridge nice and full, with your water bottle close by and refill, refill, refill!

While essential to staying hydrated, drinking the recommended minimum 8 glasses of water a day isn't the only way to get all our water requirements. It's also important to consume foods that are high in water content to regulate metabolism, circulation, and vital biological systems. Smoothies are a quick and delicious way to get the best of both worlds. All of the foods listed below can be used in tasty and nourishing smoothies.

Six of the Top Water-Rich Foods


Comprised of 96% water, eating a cucumber is like drinking a three-ounce glass of water, only better. It contains key nutrients that can boost health. Cucumbers counteract toxins, cleanse the blood, and are high in electrolytes and potassium. Potassium and sodium work together to maintain fluid levels in the body. This helps regulate circulation and heartbeat.


Watermelon is 95 percent water and rich in vitamin C as well as being a thirst-quenching summer treat. Its health properties include being mildly diuretic so it is helpful for edema, bladder and kidney problems and flushing toxins from the body. It has even been used to treat depression.


Lettuces are roughly 94 to 95% water and are highly refreshing and high in hydration. Lettuce contains fiber, chlorophyll, cellulose and minerals. It is a good source of Vitamin A and potassium--and remember, the greener the lettuce leaves the more phytochemicals and minerals they contain.


At 95% water content, pineapple is very effective in neutralizing summer heat. Pineapple also contains bromelain, which increases digestion, and destroys many parasites. Pineapple has properties that are anti-inflammatory and is especially helpful with intestinal distress. It is delightfully sweet and very thirst quenching. Pineapple is used in Chinese medicine to treat sunstroke, indigestion, anorexia, diarrhea and edema.


An important and delicious food, tomatoes contain 94 % water and are rich in the antioxidant: lycopene. Studies show that lycopenes reduced risk of many cancers. Tomato builds the blood, helps the liver and relieves high blood pressure. The tomato alkalinizes the blood and is therefore is useful for acid conditions. Whether you use them in a salad or sauteed with onions and your favorite greens in a breakfast omelette, tomatoes are a super food - and in season this month here in the northeast! Nature's sweet candy for sure so pop some cherry tomatoes in your mouth today! Surely a kid favorite snack too!


Blueberries contain up to 95% water and are rich in many phytochemicals and antioxidants. Blueberries are helpful in renewal of liver cells and because of their high content in Reservatrol they can be helpful in anti-aging, skin regeneration and healing. It is said that eating a cup of blueberries a day helps improve memory function!! While they are in season, buy in abundance - they freeze great for breakfast smoothies!

These delicious and naturally healing foods can be used in simple dishes or combined with other healthy foods into gourmet recipes. The creative opportunities for incorporating these foods are limitless,

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