Hotels in Taunton and Food and Drink

Hotels in Taunton: Food and Drink

Somerset has been synonymous with food for many years and staying in hotels in Taunton will certainly set you up for a hearty and delicious break! Apples, cider and cheddar cheese are three of the county's most prestigious foods but there is so much more of its local produce awaiting you. Its love of food is celebrated throughout the towns, villages and visitor attractions, that are all accessible from hotels in Taunton. No matter where you visit in Somerset, you'll never be far from some good grub! Whether it's dining in one of its many restaurants, visiting a farmers market or taking a trip to a local cider farm, you'll be full to the brim by the time you arrive home!

Cider Attractions

Sheppy's Cider Farm and Museum is within close proximity of hotels in Taunton and makes for an interesting afternoon out. The Sheppy family are proud to share with visitors, local and afar, their beautiful farm and orchards and show everyone how they make their tasty ciders. Book a guided tour, visit the museum or taste some of the farms cheese and ciders in the shop. Other cider attractions in Somerset include the Avalon Vineyard which is a working organic vineyard and fruit farm offering self-guided walks and wine and cider tastings throughout the year and The Somerset Distillery which is the county's only apple distillery and traditional cider house. These attractions will give you a detailed insight into the countys passion for cider and food.

Hotels in Taunton and Visiting Cheddar

If you're a cheese lover, you absolutely must visit the village of Cheddar whilst staying in hotels in Taunton. Situated about a 45 minute drive away from Taunton, Cheddar is completely unique and a fantastic place to visit for a day out. Its distinct feature is that it boasts Britain's largest Gorge, which can be seen and explored in many ways. From the dramatic cliffs to the ancient stalactite caverns, this famous Nature Reserve appeals to all members of the family. There are some superb opportunities for caving and rock climbing too.Cheddar has a rich history of farming and cheese making and authentic cave aged Cheddar is available today from the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company shop. Be sure to save some money to take some home with you! The village and the Gorge is a wonderful experience so make sure you don't miss it when staying in hotels in Taunton.

What Sort Of Food And Drink Should I Take Regularly To Help Me Lose Weight?

If you are wondering what sort of food and drink should I take regularly help me lose weight, then you have come to the right place. There are many fat loss foods that people can eat so that they can lose weight. However, it is important for every person to remember that the best weight loss programs take time to produce long lasting results.

When you want to shed off a few pounds, there are some meals that you must avoid. For instance, sugary and fatty foods must be eliminated from your diet, especially if your metabolism is too slow. This is because all the sugar and fats that are not used up in the body are stored as fat in different parts of the body. That being said, processed foods that have a lot of industrial sugar and fat must be avoided at all costs.

Drinking a lot of water everyday is the best advice anyone can ever give you. Water flushes out all the toxins out of the body. It also keeps skin cells and other types of cells in the body replenished. This means that water makes you look younger and livelier. The recommended daily water intake for adults and young adults alike is eight glasses.

There are some foods that are known to help with digestion and consequently slimming. For instance, fiber-rich foods are known to help with digestion. When making fruit juices from mangoes, bananas, pineapples or any other type of fruit, the juice should be consumed wholly. This is because most fruits are rich in fiber.

Getting to Know the Food and Drink of Tuscany

When you plan your trip to Tuscany, villas can make the perfect place to base yourself while you spend a bit of time getting to know the region, which sits on the western coast of Italy. Once you have explored the larger cities of Florence, Pisa and Siena and have gotten your fill of walking around and discovering the amazing amount of artwork and culture that permeates the area, you will need to sit down to a lovely Tuscan meal to refuel. While there, you can eat the ubiquitous pasta and breads and drink the famous wines, but why not go that extra mile and seek out the local specialties such as Chianti wine, Pecorino Toscano and the pasta from Orvieto.


If you are a regular traveller to Tuscany, villas, you may notice, often are decorated with squat bottles half-encased in a straw jacket that were the traditional indicators for one of the regions most well known wines: Chianti. The first defined area of Chianti was mentioned around 1716 as around the Tuscan cities of Radda, Castellina, and Gaiole. In 1932, the region was expanded to include the towns of Classico, Colli Aretini, Colli Fiorentini, Colline Pisane, Colli Senesi, Montalbano and Rùfina. The vast region is covered by the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG), or the DOC, which is a guarantee of product quality and control and has strict regulations regarding the amount of grapes used in production, and more stringently, the aging process involved in the Chianti Superiore. The wines themselves tend to be medium bodied with a range of acidity and pair nicely with most Italian foods and meats.

Pecorino Toscano

When spending a bit of time in the region of Tuscany, villas make a great base for exploring the area in detail. Once you have gone to do a wine tasting at a local Chianti winery and have brought back a few bottles to your villa, head back into town or to an artisianal cheese maker's farm to get a block of the local Pecorino Toscano. Pecorino Toscano is a firm textured cheese made from full cream and pasteurised ewe's milk. Though it has a short maturation period of only 20 days, the Pecorino Toscano is usually served as a hard cheese, which requires it to have up to four months of maturation, during which it is often washed with crushed tomatoes, ash and olive oil. The cheese has a strong flavour and is often used with wines, as a starter, or grated over dishes as you would use a parmesan. In 1986 it was granted a Denominazione di Origine status, which was upgraded to DOCG status in 1996.

The Perfect Food and Drink for Courier Work

For those embarked on courier work, the job can lead to some pretty full on days. Often there are long journeys involved with only a short space of time in which to drop-off or pick up deliveries. It can often seem difficult to grab food in the course of the day, but this is incredibly important, especially when your eyelids start to droop in between service stations on the M1. Because of this, drivers involved in the delivery industry often opt for less healthy options, such as a full English breakfast first thing in the morning, or a burger and chips at lunch.

However, those involved in courier work should know that a healthier diet can work wonders for their alertness and enjoyment for the job; here are some foodstuffs to chew over:


Cold water consumption is one of the best ways to keep yourself awake in the course of your courier work. Dehydration has a much greater effect on our brain functioning than most of us are aware of. When you're driving you should make sure that you always have a bottle of water or two at your side. You might notice that you have mild headaches throughout the day. If you haven't been drinking much you'll be amazed at how quickly some gulps of water can chase the headache away.


If you're really lagging then it certainly doesn't hurt to pull over and have a coffee (unless you happen to be sensitive to caffeine of course!), but you should always remember that tea, coffee and cola drinks can give a temporary boost before causing a later drop in energy. This effect can be especially pronounced if you over do it.